Mixbtc.io was created for the bitcoin mixer community with three things in mind, trust, speed, and security.

We understand that using a bitcoin mixer for the first time can be uncomfortable so we recommend splitting larger transactions into multiple ones until you’re comfortable with the process.

The time that a mix takes to complete is usually down to the network fee that is selected, choose a high network fee to get your transaction confirmed sooner and the mix initiated quicker.

Complete anonymity to your transactions
A fresh untraceable and secure coin

Security plays a huge roll in the cryptocurrency space and having personally lost coins using other mixers when pages refresh, addresses change and admin respond a week later with a blunt reply of “it’s not our fault” was one of the main reasons we built mixbtc.io.

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009 the crypto space has changed dramatically, we’re constantly looking for the most secure way to conduct our transactions and break the link from sender to receiver. Mixbtc.io was built specifically for this.

How to mix bitcoin using MIXBTC.io

  • Create a new bitcoin address in your wallet.
  • Copy address.
  • Paste in to the area where “Enter Bitcoin Address” is labeled.
  • Confirm address is the same address that was created in the wallet.
  • Select time delay and service fee.
  • Click continue.
  • Letter of guarantee is automatically downloaded.
  • Send coins to the address provided.
  • Receive mixed coins.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Choose your custom mixing service fee and time delay to suit your mix. A low service fee of 0.5% and not selecting a time delay would make it easier for an onlooker to try and trace your transaction. So always select a random fee for example 0.834% and an hour delay if the mix isn’t urgent. To keep your transaction anonymous.

  • Once coins are received by the mixer new coins will be sent out after 3 confirmations depending on the delay that is selected, for a faster process select a higher network fee.

  • All logs are deleted on a 24hr basis and addresses given are never reused.

  • The mixing code is provided to stop you receiving the same coins from the previous transaction.

  • An incoming address is usable for 24hrs however it’s always best to send the coins as soon as the mix has been set up.

  • All emails are permanently deleted after any correspondence with support has been completed.

  • The letter of guarantee downloads automatically when you click continue, for your safety, this means if there is ever any issue with your transaction we are able to look into this for you, thus providing safety for you as the user. The generated address will always be new and never reused. As always please check the address on both the screen and letter and your wallet when you send to ensure you are sending your BTC to the correct place.

  • Having personally lost coins on other mixers and waited days for a reply from the admin to tell me “sorry that’s not one of our addresses and there is nothing I can do” is one of the main reasons for creating mixbtc.io

    If you send coins to the address that was created by Mixbtc.io then your coins are safe and will be sent on to the forwarding address that you provided. We also provide full support services and are contactable at all times so you know if something goes wrong at least there is someone to speak to and who can help unlike other mixers with no recourse.

3 Bitcoin mixing tips to stay anonymous and safe.

  • 1. Always mix to a new address and confirm your address has not been hijacked by malware.
  • 2. If the purpose of mixing is to send on to an exchange after, first mix to a wallet with a new address and then send on to your exchange deposit address.
  • 3. The more receiving addresses and time delay the more anonymous the transaction is.